October 26, 2010

Halloween Costumes!!

We picked out the cutest little monkey costume for Cason and he looks so stinkin cute in it, we couldn't get him to hold still for 2 seconds, he thought he was so funny and knew how cute he looked! Brendan wanted to be a kitty cat for halloween and since my friend had a random lion costume she brought it over for Brendan to see, and of course since it is so ugly he wants to be the lion with a random head sitting on top. Oh well he is happy with it. I told him it was his turn to take pictures and he just layed down right on his belly and smiled, I can't stop laughing at these pictures of him!


  1. What a silly, silly costume. I couldn't stop laughing. I agree, very interesting choice of head placement. These are some great pictures. I love Cason the monkey "walking" away. Very adorable!

  2. We have a matching monkey costume for Brendan to wear too, but he refuses! So now he looks like a gay lion!