June 13, 2010

I don't want dinner!

Amanda made some “healthy” homemade lasagna for dinner Thursday night. It was actually pretty good. However Brendan did not think so. It has been tough with Brendan’s eating so we have been very lenient with him when it comes to dinner and if he won’t eat we will let him have something he wants and will eat just so he does eat something each night. Well over the past several weeks Brendan has done much better so we want him to eat what is for dinner and for lunch he can choose what he wants so we have become stricter with him and if he won’t eat dinner than too bad, he can go to bed hungry.

Well tonight it was one night that he just would not eat. So we told him if he wanted to have dinner he could eat lasagna that Mommy made. Of course he said no and went on his way. A few minutes later he said, “I want to eat” so I told him that lasagna was for dinner and he could eat that. Again, “no” was his response. A few minutes later the same thing, Lasagna is for dinner you can eat that. Of course Brendan gave the same answer. This went on for a while and then stopped. Probably an hour later Brendan says again, “I want to eat”, Brendan I said, “Mommy made lasagna for dinner, you can eat that” Brendan replies stubbornly, “I want LUNCH!”

What a stinker!

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